Wednesday, May 5, 2010

State of Mass Incarceration

Last week before finals here at Cal and whatever intelligence I had to impart this semester has long been imparted. Fortunately California's disastrous dance with mass incarceration remains central to discussions here on campus. In light of the aforementioned neural overextraction problem, please pardon the recourse to a simple listing.

* Barry Krisberg discusses downsizing the prison industrial complex with UC News Center's Cathy Cockrell.

* In his interview last Saturday with Scott Simon on Weekend Edition Saturday, UC President Mark Yudof noted that having the world's biggest prison system won't grow the state's economy the way a world class university system may.

* David Onek's terrific podcast series Criminal Justice Conversations has repeatedly focused on mass incarceration including: Jeanne Woodford, Former Warden, San Quentin State Prison and former Acting Secretary of Corrections; Sunny Schwartz author of , Dreams from the Monster Factory; Secretary of Corrections Matthew Cate; and Senator Mark Leno.

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